Orhan Arslan

Associate Professor


Dr. Orhan Arslan hold doctoral degrees in anatomy and neuroscience, as well as in veterinary medicine and surgery. He has a successful track record as a medical educator and academic leader.He has designed and implemented significant innovative curricular modules in clinical neuroscience and anatomy. These curricular innovation included a complete system-based anatomy and neuroanatomy courses, procedure-based, ultrasound-based and land mark based anatomy into the medical curriculum and a multidisciplinary board review modules that integrate neuroanatomy, anatomy, and embryology. Currently he is an Associate Professor and the Director of Advanced Neuroanatomy and Anatomy Programs in the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, United States.


Area of Interest

1. Molecular basis of disease

2. Pathophysiology of vision

3. Area of neuroscience and in particular the ‘Artificial Neural Networks’, vestibular system, basal ganglia, motor system and visual systems

4. Anatomical sciences including procedural anatomy and developmental basis of diseases

5. Educationally related research with concentration on curricular restructuring in medical and health related institutions, learning environment, national medical examiners

top publication

1. O. Arslan (2015), Region vs. System-Base Anatomy: Efficacy and Implementation, American International Journal of Biology, Vol.2, No. 3&4(1-9), ISSN: 2334-23234.
2. O. Arslan, B. Peckler, C. Paul, F. Stevenson, S. Nazian (2011) ‘Ultrasound-based Anatomy in an Integrated First Year Medical Curriculum’ Proceedings of ICER12011, ISBN: 978-84-615-3324-4
3. O. Arslan, A. Mahmud, M. Zeini, Perceptions and realities of USMLE (2014). Submitted.
4. O. Arslan, Virtual and/or Dissection-based Anatomy? in preparation.
5. O. Arslan, Procedure-based anatomy and Educational implications. In preparation.
6. O. Arslan(2015), ‘Spaced-repetition’ in a system-based anatomy curriculum. In preparation