Muhammad Ikram


I am Dr Muhammad Ikram, (MS, PharmD), working 3D cell culture for T cell development and cancer immunology at Pusan national university. i am working in the Immune cell molecular biology Research Lab (, i earned my Pharmacy degree from the University of Malakand, Pakistan in 2009 and completed clinical traineeship in the Hayatabad medical complex Hospital and Medicraft pharmaceutical, both in Peshawar, Pakistan. after that had also work experience as dispensing pharmacist with an international NGO "International medical Corps (IMC)" to provide free medical care to patients in the flood and earthquake affected areas in Swat Pakistan. Latter received my master�s degree in medicine from the Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea. My master thesis versed on �Modulation of the adhesion of thymic epithelial cells with thymocyte by gain- and loss-of-function of mouse epidermal growth factor-like protein 8�. Currently my work focuses for the completion of PhD degree on the use of 3D cell culture to study the T cell development and designing the matrix for normal and cancerous tissue, organoids and tumroids development particularly to the find out the hematological malignancy and metastasis of lymphoma. My work also addresses cellular and molecular mechanistic role of anticancer drugs resistance in cancer malignancy (Lymphoma) and their sensitization. I was one of the selected candidates in Korea in 2011 - till date to be awarded with scholarships for the role of epidermal growth factor like protein 8, BK-21 plus programs and immune network pioneer research center, which provides full tuition and stipend support to students to pursue Graduate studies in South Korea.


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