Prabhakar Maurya


Toxicologist (Consultant) Consultancy for Environmental, Human Toxicology & Risk Assessment (France) India Office, Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee, Faridabad, Haryana, Creative Agri Solutions Pvt Ltd, Delhi, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, CIRC, Meerut, UP, Family Pet Clinic and Surgical Centre, NOIDA, Senior Research Fellow (Public Health) Rathindranath Ghosh Gold Medal for Highest Marks in PG Examination, American Society of Cellular and Computational Toxicology.


Area of Interest


top publication

? Maurya P, Angom B, Mandal TK, Sar TK and Chaterjee US, “Development of Grade-II Chronic Renal Failure Model in Black Bengal Goat for Pharmacokinetic Studies”, InternationalJournal ofChemical Studies; 2018, 6(3): 1018-1022 [ISSN: 2349-8528]

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