Dr. TAYYIBA  WASIM is currently working as a Professor in Department of Obstetrics &Gynaecology, Services Institute of medical Science. She participated in many workshops like Educational Planning & Evaluation (CPSP), Research Methodology and Biostatistics , VIA for cervical screening 2015. She published more than 15 scientific articles. 



Area of Interest

1. Maternal reproductive health
2. Gynecological oncology & medical education

top publication

1. GERD in the third trimester of pregnancy and its management. TayyibaWasim, WasimAmer . PJG 15 (1) : 2001, 32-34

2. Gestational Trophoblastic disease A study. TayyibaWasim. Annals of KEMC, 7(2) APR-JUN: 2001,129-30.

3. Cardiotocography in High Risk Pregnancy. TayyibaWasim. PPMJ 12(2) APR – JUN : 2001,61-65.

4. Maternal Mortality One Year Review at Lahore General Hospital. TayyibaWasim, Ashraf Majrooh, SaqibSiddiq. PPMJ 12(3) Jul-Sep : 2001, 1113-118.

5. Maternal & fetal outcome of prelabor rupture of membranes at term. TayyibaWasim, ShaziaNajeebullah. Annals of KEMC Apr-Jun 2004;10(2):141-43.

6. Proportionate morbidity and risk factors of ectopic pregnancy. TayyibaWasim. Annals of KEMC. Jul-Sep 2004;10(3):298-300.

7. Eclampsia, A major cause of maternal & perinatal morbidity and mortality. TayyibaWasim, Marryam Gull, SaqibSiddiq. The Professional. Jul-Sep 2004; 11(3): 328-333.

8. Viral hepatitis in obstetrical practice. WasimAmer, TayyibaWasim. PJG 19(1) : 2005, 30-32.

9. Fetomaternal outcome of pregnancy with cardiac disease. TayyibaWasim, Wasim Amer, A. Majroh, S. Siddiq. JPMA- Vol 58; No (4)2008: 175-78

10. Comparison of Prostaglandin E2 with Misoprostol for Induction of labour at Term TayyibaWasim, SaqibSiddiq. Professional-vol-15(3)2008:344-49

11. Comparison of clinical presentation of benign and malignant ovarian tumors. TayyibaWasim, A. Majroh, S. Siddiq. JPMA-vol59;No(1)2009:18-21

12.Prevalence, Clinical Determinants, and Therapeutic Management of Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection in Pakistani Women Suspected to have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: results of a National Multicentre Observational Cross-Sectional RAPID Study.PushpaSirichand, FehmeedaShaheen, TayyibaWasim, Shagufta Tahir, Jahan Ara ,Aamna Zia Eusaph. JSOGP 2014, Vol.4, No.4: 217-228