Science Park Journal of Applied Microbiology Research (Editorial Board)
Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering (Editorial Board Member)
International Journal of Applied and Natural Sciences (Editorial Board(
Nano Research Elements(India_Uk_Usa) (Scientific Representative)
International Conference Oil & Gas Singapore_2019 (Scientific Representative)
Global Chemistry Congress Italy_2019 (Scientific Representative)
Quantum Dynamic Sciences Inc (Authorization Representative)
Science Park Journals of Portugal (Reviewer & Member)
Representation of Georgia CIU (Official Representative)
Alborz Industry Clinic (Educational Consultant)
International Academy of Science & Technology of Iran (Editorial Board & Referee Committee)
Representation of France Corsav Finances (Scientific Representative)
Representation of China Hongwu Group (Scientific Representative)
Oil & Energy Specialty Monthly (Cheshmandaznaft) (Writer)
Cement and Addiction Monthly (Cementon) (Writer & Translator)
Virtual Training Institute A2Zelearn (Tutor & Editor of Courses)
International Academy England Qal (Public Relations Manager)
Board of Directors Pishgaman Pardis International (NGO)
Pardazesh Hoshmand Alborz Company (Executive Team Advisor)
Pishgaman Pardis International Company (R & D Manager)


Area of Interest

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering & Nano Optimization

Research & Development Standardization

top publication

Educational Book Analytical Chemistry,(in Persian)Sarafraz Press,2014
Public Relations Management,(in Persian) Abolhasani Press,2015
Skills Researcher,(in Persian) Saravan Press,2017
Educational Planning,(in Persian) Saravan Press,2017
Business Plan,(in Persian) Saravan Press,2017
Essential Technology,(in Persian) Saravan Press,2018