Aline Souza

Research Scholars


Formed in biotechnology in 2013, PhD student, received MD degrees in 2015 from the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU), Brazil. For the last one year, she has been the member of the editorial boards of many scientific journals. Furthermore, she is a member of research groups in stem cells and cancer of the prostate in the University Federal de Uberlandia. It acts as a researcher in the biotechnology area, cancer molecular biology and study of microvesicles role in the development, progression of prostate cancer and cancer stem cell. In addition, to other lines of research developed in the laboratory of nanobiotechnology- UFU. With experience in the area of molecular biology and cultivation of primary cells and cell lines in 2D and 3D, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, genomic sequencing, SELEX, 3D Cell SELEX, real time PCR, cloning in bacteria, quantifying DNA / RNA / protein, gel electrophoresis, microbiology, western blot, invasion and cell proliferation, immunofluorescence. Interest in basic and applied stem cell cancer and genetic engineering research


Area of Interest

Cancer biology; cancer immunology and immunotherapy; cancer metabolism; inflammation; nanoparticle drug delivery and vaccine development, mesenchymal stem cells, cell cancer stem, microvesicles role in cancer,3d cell-selex, chimeric receptor (car),toxicity of nanoparticles, transgenic analysis in food.

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