Mevlüt Günal


Mevlüt Günal, Associate Professor in Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Turkey,  HighestDegree Ph.D. in Animal Science Department from Ankara University, Turkey, Completed Education in 1998 Ph.D. Ankara University, Turkey Animal Sciences


Area of Interest

Evaluation of Nutritive Value of Feeds; Effects of AnimalNutrition on GreenhouseGasEmission; AlternativeFeedResources; FeedAdditives in Animal Nutrition

top publication

1. Günal, M.,McCourt, A., Zhao, Y., Yan, Z. G., Yan, T., 2019. Theeffect of silagetype on animalperformance, energyutilisationandentericmethaneemission in lactatingdairycows. AnimalProductionScience. 59(3): 499-505.

2. Yan?k, G.,Günal, M., Özkaya, S., 2018.Theeffects of humateandyeastcellwallextractsupplementation on theperformance, gut microfloraandbloodparameters of Japanesequail (Coturnixcoturnixjaponica).Mediterranean Agricultural Sciences, 31(2): 181-187.

3. Glodde, F., Günal, M., Kinsel, M.E., AbuGhazaleh, A.A., 2018.Effects of naturalantioxidants on thestability of omega-3 fattyacids in dogfood. Journal of VeterinaryResearch. 62:103-108.

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