Kim Jonghan

Assistant Professor




Area of Interest

My research interests center around the characterization of absorption, distribution, and metabolism of drugs and metals, including essential metals (iron, zinc and manganese) and toxic heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic), and metal-induced toxicity in the context of environmental exposure and genetic susceptibility (gene-environment interactions).

top publication

1. Sundling K, Craciun G, Schultz IR, Hook SE, Nagler JJ, Cavileer TD, Verducci JS, Liu Y, Kim J, Hayton WL (2014). Modeling the endocrine control of vitellogenin production in female rainbow trout. Math Biosci Eng 11:621-639.
2. Mohanty S, Kim J, Ganesan LP, Phillips GS, Robinson JM, Anderson CL (2013). Abundant intracellular IgG in enterocytes and endoderm lacking FcRn. PLoS One 8:e70863. PMID: 23923029, PMCID: PMC3726603.
3. Byrne SL, Buckett PD, Kim J, Luo F, Sanford J, Chen J, Enns C, Wessling-Resnick M (2013). Ferristatin II promotes degradation of transferrin receptor-1 in vitro and in vivo. PLoS One 8:e70199. PMID: 23894616. PMCID: PMC3720890.
4. Jia X, Kim J, Veuthey T, Lee C-H, Wessling-Resnick M (2013). Glucose metabolism in the Belgrade rat, a model of iron-loading anemia. Am J Physiol: GI Liver Physiol 304:G1095- G1102. PMID: 23599042. PMCID: PMC3680718.
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8. Kim J, Li Y, Buckett PD, Böhlke M, Thompson KJ, Takahashi M, Maher TJ, Wessling-Resnick M (2012). Iron-responsive olfactory uptake of manganese improves motor function deficits associated with iron deficiency. PLoS One 7:e33533. PMID: 22479410. PMCID: PMC3316579. 9. Li Y, Kim J, Buckett PD, Böhlke M, Maher TJ, Wessling-Resnick M (2011). Severe post-natal iron deficiency alters emotional behavior and dopamine levels in the prefrontal cortex of young male rats. J Nutr 141:2133-2138. PMID: 22013197. PMCID: PMC3223871.
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