María Teresa Sotelo


Twenty years of experience on research in various criminal and medical disciplines, that delve into the origin of the child abuse and risk factors associated.  Former President of Fundación En Pantalla Contra la ViolenciaInfantil “FUPAVI” 2008-2016 Author of: two books, five documentaries and nine scientific publications. Her researches highlights the pre and post maternal bond as determinant stages to prevent child abandonment and filicide,   revealing the power of the maternal biomolecular bond composition.  Pedagogue by profession, other studies in criminal psychology, and investigative journalism.  Member of the National of Health Secretariat Commission.Invited Member and founder of children research atInstituto de InvestigacionesJurídicas UNAM



Area of Interest

  • Researcher Pre Natal Bond &Child Abuse

  • Origin of child abuse and associated risk factors
  • Research in various criminal and medical disciplines
  • Pediatrics

top publication

  • The Public Function in The Regulation of Food: Ethics and Prevention

  • Pre and Post Natal Bonding to Prevent Child Abuse. Clinics in Mother and Child Health.  Omics Publishers.  Nov. 2017


  • Why Invest to Prevent Child Abuse? The Budgetary Impact of Direct, Indirect and Collateral Derived Costs. Crimson Publishers.


  • Accident or Homicde? Sub Register of Infant Death Cases. Undetected Neglect and Abuse.    Nov. 2017



  • Vinculación Pre y Post Natal para Prevenir el MaltratoInfantil.-Libro EAE. 2017