Zhaohua Peng



Dr. Zhaohua Peng obtained his BS and MS degrees in biophysics at China Agriculture University, China. He then received his Ph.D. degree in plant molecular biology at Ohio State University, Ohio, United States. From 1997 to 2001, he studied at Yale University as postdoctoral fellow. He joined Mississippi State University faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2002. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2008. Currently he is a full Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Mississippi State University, United States.


Area of Interest

Zhaohua Peng is interested in studying rice seed development and storage nutrient regulation with emphasis on proteomics analysis, post translational modifications, and epigenetic regulation.

top publication

1) Zhang, Y., Zheng, J. Liang, Z., Liang, Y., Peng, Z. and Wang, C. (2015) Verification and evaluation of grain QTLs using RILs from TD70xKasalath in rice. Genetics and Molecular Research 14(4):14882-14892.
2) Nallamilli, B.R.R., Mariola Edelmann, Hana Mujahid, Zhaohua Peng (2014) Global Analysis of Lysine Acetylation Suggests the Involvement of Protein Acetylation in Diverse Biological Processes in Rice (Oryza sativa).PLOS ONE, 9(2):e89283
3) Jian Zhang, Hana Mujahid, Yuxuan Hou, Babi R. Nallamilli, Zhaohua Peng (2013) Plant Long ncRNAs: A New Frontier for Gene Regulatory. American Journal Of Plant Science Vol 4, PP. 1038-1045.
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