Muhammad Akram


Muhammad Akram, February 12, 1980, Domicile:  Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan, Islam,  B.E.M.S, M. Phil, Ph.D, Area of Specialization:          Eastern Medicine (Xanthine Oxidase Inhibition by Plants Extract  and Clinical Efficacy of Herbal Formulation in Gouty Arthritis) My objective is to be a part of an organization, which values merits, research skills, respects hard work and which can utilize my qualification and abilities for the mutual growth.And to remain embarked on the challenging field of eastern medicine where experience can be leveraged, knowledge and skills can be enhanced and humanity can be served in best possible way.


English (Advanced, written and spoken), Urdu, Punjabi (Mother tongue)

  1. Appreciation Certificate of Top performance and virtuous participants in English language Program 2010 from Ferozi Collegiate Crossing Karachi
  2. English Language CourseCertificate of 120 hours duration from Computer and Language Academy Gulshan Iqbal Karachi



Area of Interest

Hyperuricemia, Xanthine oxidase inhibition by some selected medicinal plants, Enzyme Inhibition, Study of traditional system medicine (Indusyunic Medicine) Phytochemistry, and poisonous plants. Bioactivity and phytopharmaceutical evaluation of herb drugs and their natural products, Medicinal plants and Clinical trial, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics

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