Jalandhar Pradhan

Assistant Professor


Biography Dr. Jalandhar Pradhan is working as Assistant Professor in Health Economics at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela, India have been involved in teaching and research in the areas of Health Economics including health equity and efficiency, socio-economic inequality in health and health care financing. He did his PhD in population studies from International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumabi, which is a renowned and pioneer institute in South East Asia for the training of health programmes and conducting large scale sample surveys. For his doctoral degree he was working on the topic entitled “Assessing Health Inequalities among Indian Children: A Decomposition Analysis”, where he has examined the total health inequalities adding individual variation to group differences. Following his PhD, he pursued one year post doctoral research work at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI) in the areas of Reproductive Health financing. Recently, he has been nominated as a Member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Scientific Research Group (SRG) on Equity Analysis and Research at the Department of Ethics, Equity, Trade and Human Rights, Geneva. The major responsibility of the SRG to advise WHO on Strategic directions, work plan content, objectives and priorities on equity and health in particular those relating to measurement, monitoring, analysis and research. He has published numerous research papers in top rated international journals in the area of health economics, public health and demography. He has also been involved in the study design, analysis and report writing of large scale national level surveys like National Family Health Survey-3, 2005-06, Coverage Evaluation Survey-2006, District Level Household Survey (DLHS-3), 2007-08, World Health Survey (WHS), Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE).


Area of Interest

His areas of Interests in Health Economics including health equity and efficiency, socio-economic inequality in health and health care financing

top publication

1. Pradhan, J., R. Dwivedi. 2016. Do we provide affordable, accessible and administrable health care? An assessment of SES differential in Out of Pocket Expenditure on delivery care in India, Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (forthcoming).
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