marjan shirvani

Faculty Member


Marjan A. Shirvani have master's degree in midwifery and also clinical expertise as a midwife. Over the 20 years, she have been involved with education of midwifery students in the areas of mothers and infants care, midwifery consultation, family planning, complicated pregnancies care and gynecologic diseases. Marjan have supervised/co-supervised students undertaking Master ́s degree and MD. She has served as head of midwifery department and member of reducing maternal mortality committee from 2008-2012 (MAZUMS), head of education development office from 2011-2014 and member of research council (School of Nursing and Midwifery), member of national committee of theoretical and practical training of midwives from 2009 and reviewer of nursing and medical journals for many years. She was elected the "Best Researcher" in 2011 and the "Best Teacher" in 2012 by School of Nursing and Midwifery, MAZUMS.


Area of Interest

My research interests are complementary and alternative therapy and evidence-based practices in women health care, especially about relief of pain.

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