Inga I Poletaeva


Moscow State University, Leninskie Gori, 1, build. 12, Moscow 119992, Russia


Graduated from Moscow State University at 1961 as physiologist, after post graduate years (1961-1965) worked in Moscow Institute of Psychiatry in EEG lab.Starting from 1970 and up to now –in the lab of physiology and genetics of behavior in Biology Department of MSU.Research interests- behavior genetics and neurjgenetics, genetics of animal cognition, neuroethology. The authorship of the 2 text books: Ethology and behavior genetics (coauthors Z.Zorina and J.Reznikova) and Animal cognition (with Z. Zorina), both in Russian.


Area of Interest

behavior genetics, neurjgenetics, genetics of animal cognition, neuroethology.

top publication

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