Jonathan McQuillan

Molecular Biologist


Jonathan S. McQuillan is Presently woking as Analytical Biochemist / Molecular Biologist at the National Oceanography Centre.Previously worked as Associate Research Fellow at the University of Exeter.Jonathan finished PhD in Biosciences at the University of Exeter (UK) in 2006.Jonathan has good number of Publications.


Area of Interest

1)Environmental quality monitoring
2)Microbial composition of natural water supplies
3)Methods and technologies to improve monitoring in the ocean specifically for the detection and enumeration of harmful micro-organisms that threaten public health, directly or through the contamination of food supplies produced by aquaculture
4)Design and fabrication of novel Lab on a Chip autonomous monitoring systems

top publication

1)Jonathan S. McQuillan, Emma Stokes, Heidi Greonaga-Infante and Andrew M. Shaw (2012). Silver Nanoparticle Enhanced Silver Ion Stress Response in Escherichia coli K12. Nanotoxicology 6, 857-866.

2)Jonathan S. McQuillan and Andrew M. Shaw (2014). Whole-Cell Escherichia coli-based Bio-Sensor Assay for dual Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Toxicity Mechanisms. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 51, 274-279.

3)Jonathan S. McQuillan and Andrew M. Shaw (2014). Differential gene regulation in the Ag nanoparticle and Ag(+)-induced silver stress response in Escherichia coli: a full transcriptomic profile. Nanotoxicology 8 Suppl 1:177-84.

4)Jonathan S. McQuillan, Peter Kille and Tamara Galloway (2014). The regulation of copper stress response genes in the polychaete Nereis diversicolor during prolonged extreme copper contamination. Environmental Science and Technology 48 (22), 13085-92.

5)Iordanis Magiopoulos, Jonathan S. McQuillan, Catherine L. Burd, Matthew C. Mowlem and Maria-Nefeli Tsaloglou (2016). A multi-parametric assessment of decontamination protocols for the subglacial Lake Ellsworth probe. Journal of Microbiological Methods 123, 87-93.

6)David J. Hopper, Jonathan S. McQuillan, Iordanis Magiopoulos, Matthew C. Mowlem, Robin Pascal and Douglas Connelly (2016). Buzz Off! An Evaluation of Ultrasonic Acoustic Vibration for the Disruption of Microbial Adhesion to Submerged Surfaces.

7)Christos-Moritz Loukas, Jonathan S. McQuillan, Florian Laouenan, Maria-Nefeli Tsaloglou, Jesus M. Ruano-Lopez and Matthew C. Mowlem (2016). Detection and quantification of the toxic microalgae Karenia brevis with a fully preserved, multiplexed and Lab-on-a-Chip NASBA assay after long-term room-temperature storage.