Shabnam Shahsavand


PhD in Toxicology, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran, 2007- 2012. PhD Thesis entitled"Evaluation of Erythropoietin Effect on Cellular Neurotoxicity and Serum Parameters on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Rat". Score: 99.20/100 Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran, 1997- 2003.


Area of Interest

There are three major fields of research that I am interested in. The first research area is to survey in medical education. Using these techniques as medical educational tools can definitely improve clinical performances of the students. We have reported the utilizing a role playing-based method under the innovative name of “Prescomime” to mimic a prescription in pharmacology course for medical students. It was published in Iranian Journal of Medical Education. The other field of research that I am really interested in is to survey in neuro-degenerative diseases, neurotoxicity and then neuro protective cures and the mechanisms. In this field, I have done several experiments using animal and cellular models. The last experimental field is to study cancer and chemotherapy through evaluating anti-cancer activities of plants extract and their fractions, the underlying mechanisms and finally introducing a pure natural product as a new candidate for cancer chemotherapy.

top publication

1. Badieyan, Z.S., Moallem, S.A., Mehri, S., Shahsavand, S., Hadizadeh, F., 2012. Virtual Screening for Finding Novel COX-2 Inhibitors as Antitumor Agents. The open medicinal chemistry journal 6, 15-19.
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