Serafim  Papadimitriou

Mohammad Khursheed Alam

Assistant Professor


Dr. M.K.Alam is a Senior Lecturer [DUG 53] and coordinator of Orthodonticunit (GNT 402), School of Dental Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia / and former Head, at Department of Orthodontics, Bangladesh Dental College, Dhaka University. He received his dentistrytraining under University of Dhaka and his PhD in Orthodontics from Hokkaido University, Japan. His H index is 12 and RG score is 35.30. Currently he is supervisor for more than 20 postgraduate students at school of dental sciences with both national and international platform. He has both academic and clinical lead for orthodontics; he has more than 300 publications and author of plenty of books and chapters. He is a member of the Editorial and Review Board of the many International andnational Journal. He has been the invited speaker at several university orthodontic departments and guest speaker at lectures and courses worldwide.


Area of Interest

1.Orthodontic Treatment.
2.Dental Science.

top publication

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