George (Xianzhong) Yu

Associate Professor


Dr. Xianzhong Yu is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, Clemson University. He received his Ph.D. from the MCB program of Ohio University. His research has been involved with cancer gene therapy, cancer immunotherapy, and transgenic animal models. He has published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed international journals and received five patents.


Area of Interest

(1) Cancer gene therapy and Immunotherapy
(2) Transgenic animal models

top publication

1. A Tietje, J.L., X Yu and Y Wei, MULT1E/mIL-12: a novel bifunctional protein for natural killer cell activation.Gene Therapy 2014.

2. Alcendor RR, G.S., Zhai P, Zablocki D, Holle E, Yu X, Tian B, Wagner T, Vatner SF, Sadoshima J., Sirt1 regulates aging and resistance to oxidative stress in the heart.Circ Res, 2007.100: p. 1512-21.

3. Novel Dendritic Cell-based Vaccination in Late State Melanoma. Human Vaccines &Immunotherapeutics 2014. 10(11)

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