Alessandra Bertoli



Alessandra Bertoli is a permanent researcher at the University of Pisa-Department of Pharmacy. Educational Background: Master Degree (II level) on “The Quality System in the analytical chemistry laboratory” (University of Parma, 2005); Post Doctoral Position at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences-Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Calabria, 1999-2003); PhD Degree on Science and Tecnology in Medicinal Plants (University of Pisa, 1995-1998); Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies (University of Pisa, 1993). Co-coordination of experimental and dissemination activities of National and International Research Projects. Teaching activity: "System and quality control of MAPs and derivatives" (Department of Pharmacy, University of Pisa); “Phytochemistry and Quality control of medicinal plants and their derivatives” (Department of Pharmacy, University of Pisa); “Phytochemistry” (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Calabria, 1998); Invited lecturer in International Congresses and in undergraduated and post-graduated University courses.She has many publications in international scientific journals with high impact factor.


Area of Interest

1.Monitoring volatile and non-volatile plant constituents in medicinal.
2.Aromatic and food plants derived from wild collection.
3.Agronomic or biotechnological production.
4.Development of validated methods for the standardization of valuable raw plant material (collection and post-harvested quality).
5.Promotion of the legislative and technical role of harmonization processes in modern phytotherapy and nutritional programmes.

top publication

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