Dr. Ana Lúcia Hoefel, is a teacher in Faculdade da Serra Gaúcha, Caxias do Sul, Brazil. She finished my Master Degree in Biochemistry in 2011, and PhD in Physiology in 2015 at the Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). She have conducted research in the areas of metabolic processes in cells and tissues, as well as research in the area of oxidative stress are in development. In college, she work as teacher in the department of pathology and physiology to the courses for health areas, as well as laboratory research evaluating metabolism and biochemistry of cells and tissues. Also, she researched on pregnancy, childhood and puberty and its relation to nutrition.


Area of Interest

1. Metabolic processes
2. Pregnancy
3. Childhood
4. Puberty and its relation to nutrition

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