Francisco Stefânio Barreto



Degree in Biological Sciences from the Regional University of Cariri. It was a fellow of scientific initiation by Cearense the Research Support Foundation - FUNCAP, where he developed research on the lines of Phytochemistry, Bromatology and microbiology of natural products of the Araripe in the Laboratory of Natural Products Research - the aforementioned institution LPPN. A master's degree in Pharmacology from the Federal University of Ceará where he explored fitoquimicamente and biologically the species Annona muricata. currently holds a PhD in Pharmacology from the Federal University of Ceará, which develops research project focused on the area of depression and its consequences for the development of tumors in Experimental Oncology Laboratory.


Area of Interest

1. Major Area: Biological Sciences / Area: General Biology.
2. Major Area: Biological Sciences / Area: Microbiology.
3. Major Area: Exact and Earth Sciences / Area: Chemistry.
4. Major Area: Biological Sciences / Area: Pharmacology / Subarea: Biochemical Pharmacology and Molecular.

top publication

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