Mohamed Morsy



Dr. Mohamed Morsy is presently working as Lecturer of Anesthesia and Intensive Care faculty of medicine in Minia University, Egypt. Mohamed previously worked as Medical observer in Echocardiograhy unit and Intensive care unit at The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.Morsy has good number of Publications.


Area of Interest

1)Regional Anesthesia Technique including spinal, epidural ,intravenous and nerve block techniques
2)General anesthesia for multiple operation
3)One lung ventilation for thoracic anesthesia
4)Cardiothoracic Anesthesia, Maxillofacial anesthesia,Neuroanaethesia
5)Intensive care unit, Hemodynamic monitoring, PACU
6)Advanced life support
7) Shock management, Critically ill patients care, Infection,Sepsis, ARDS, COPD, Status asthmaticus, endocrinal emergencies, polytrauma management, E.R conditions.Mechanical ventilations, Hemodynamic monitoring in ICU patients, TPN
8)Pain clinics.

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