SungCheal Moon

Adjunct Professor


Prof.SungCheal Moon Editorial board member for Journal of Medicinal Chemistry & Toxicology Industrial Technology Support Division, Korea Institute of Materials Science, Republic of Korea,Bioenvironmental and Chemical Engineering Department, Chosun College University of Science & Technology, Republic of Korea
Education:Dr.Moon completed hisPh.D (polymer engineering and science) from Chosun University. Experience:He has vast experience in different areas of polymer engineering, to name a few: Multi-functional (nano)fiber, Polymer (nano)composites, Flame resistant materials, Energy absorbing materials, Foams, Carbon fiber and Carbon composites, etc. Publication:Since 2002, 31 papers published in Korean national and international peer-reviewed journals like Nature Nanotechnology, Carbon, Polymer, JAPS, PES, PC, etcand from different journals from Elsevier, Wiley InterScience, The Royal Society of Chemistry, etc. Patents:He had 5 international and 15Korean patents. Awards:Dr. Moon won coveted ‘President’s Award of Institute, KRF Fund Award, etc. International collaboration:Dr. Moon also played instrumental role in different prestigious internal collaborative research project with USA, Germany, etc. Editorial Experience:He is chief editor and editorial board member of International Journals.


Area of Interest

Multi-functional (nano)fiber
Polymer (nano)composites
Energy absorbing materials
Flame resistant materials
Carbon fiber and Carbon composites

top publication

1. W prof. kim
2. S. C. Moon, B Oh, and D. C. Lagoudas, Effect of thermal shock on damage in cryogenic composite laminates, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Submitted, 2013.01
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4. S. C. Moon and J. L. Lee, Electrospun poly(ethylene oxide)/hydrated iron oxide/sodium alginate composite nanofibers with multi-functional properties, Polymer Engineering & Science (ISSN 0032-3888, Wiley InterScience, SCI/IF 1.302), 53, 6, pp1321-1326, 2013.06 (Published online, 2012.12.18).
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