Jiesi Luo

Postdoctoral Associate


Jiesi Luo earned B.S. from China Agricultural University, China and Ph.D. from Michigan State University, USA, and currently works as postdoctoral associate in School of Medicine at Yale University. Dr. Luo has gained the 9-year experience on stem cell biology for regenerative medicine, especially that for the therapies on cardiovascular diseases. His studies was initiatedfrom establishing the large animal (canine) preclinical model of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) based therapy for human, via generating canine iPSC model and elucidating the regulatory mechanism for pluripotency maintenance of canine iPSCs. After joining in Yale University, Dr. Luo focused on multiple fields related to the application of iPSC-based therapy for cardiovascular diseases and associated molecular mechanisms, including construction of human iPSC-based engineered vessel graft, genetic disease modeling by using human iPSC-derived smooth muscle cells, as well as generation and cardiovascular differentiation of iPSCs for pre-clinical large animal model.


Area of Interest

Stem cell biology, induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC), molecular mechanisms for pluripotency maintenance and organ differentiation, iPSC-based regenerative therapy for cardiovascular diseases, tissue engineering, modeling of genetic diseases via iPSCs, and large animal pre-clinical model for regenerative medicine

top publication

1. Luo J, Cibelli JB. Mechanisms of pluripotency maintenance in canine pluripotent stem cells under bFGF and LIF supplementation.Stem cells and development. 2016

2. Luo J, Suhr ST, Chang EA, Wang K, Ross PJ, Nelson LL, Venta PJ, Knott JG, Cibelli JB. Generation of leukemia inhibitory factor and basic fibroblast growth factor-dependent induced pluripotent stem cells from canine adult somatic cells. Stem cells and development. 2011;20:1669-1678

3. Gui L, Dash BC, Luo J, Qin L, Zhao L, Yamamoto K, Hashimoto T, Wu H, Dardik A, Tellides G, Niklason LE, Qyang Y. Implantable tissue-engineered blood vessels from human induced pluripotent stem cells. Biomaterials. 2016;102:120-129

4. Dash BC, Levi K, Schwan J, Luo J, Bartulos O, Wu H, Qiu C, Yi T, Ren Y, Campbell S, Rolle MW, Qyang Y. Tissue-engineered vascular rings from human ipsc-derived smooth muscle cells.Stem cell reports. 2016;7:19-28

5. Misra A, Sheikh AQ, Kumar A, Luo J, Zhang J, Hinton RB, Smoot L, Kaplan P, Urban Z, Qyang Y, Tellides G, Greif DM. Integrin beta3 inhibition is a therapeutic strategy for supravalvular aortic stenosis. The Journal of experimental medicine.2016;213:451-463

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