Seyed Moien Moghimi



Moein Moghimi is Professor of Nanomedicine and Biopharmacy, Head of Nanomedicine Research Group, and Director of the Centre for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Nanotoxiocology at the Department of Pharmacy (Faculty of Health and Medical Science), University of Copenhagen, Denmark. As an Affiliate Professor, he further leads the Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Group at the NanoScience Center (Faculty of Science), University of Copenhagen. Moein is also a Full Member/Professor at Houston Methodist Research Institute (Methodist Hospital, Texas Medical Center), Houston (USA), Honorary Professor of Nanomedicine at the Multidisciplinary Research Center, Shantou University (China), and the elected Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology (FIoN), UK. Before joining Copenhagen, he was Senior Lecturer in Biopharmacy and Molecular Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy, University of Brighton (UK) and The University Research Fellow in Advanced Drug Delivery Systems at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nottingham (UK). Moein has over 170 peer-reviewed publications/patents to his credit. He has served as invited Theme Editor for several Theme Issues of the prestigious Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (Elsevier), Maturitas (Elsevier), Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology (American Scientific Publishers) and Current Drug Delivery (Bentham). He acts in the capacity of Associate Editor for Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (Elsevier) and Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology and a member of the editorial/advisory board of over 25 peer-reviewed international journals, including Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, Nanomedicine-UK (Future Medicine), Journal of Liposome Research (Informa Healthcare), Drug Delivery (Informa Healthcare) and Molecular and Cellular Therapies (BioMed Central).


Area of Interest

1)Pharmaceutical nanoscience
2)Fundamental nanomedicine/nanotoxicology
3) Design and surface engineering of nanoparticles and functional nanosystems for parenteral site-specific targeting/drug delivery and imaging modalities (e.g., splenotropic entities, lymphotropic agents, ‘phagocyte-resistant’ nanoparticles and cancer nanomedicine)
4) Molecular basis of nanomaterial immune toxicity
5) Polymer cytotoxicity.

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