Milos Kojic



Dr. Kojic was a Professor of Mechanics at the University of Kragujevac in Serbia and is a senior research scientist in the Physiology Program a the Harvard School of Public Health. He was also a visiting scholar at MIT in Boston; a research engineer at ADINA R&D software company in Watertown, MA; a research professor at the University of Texas Medical Center at Houston; a senior researcher at Zastava Automobili in Kragujevac, Serbia; and director of the R&D Center for Bioengineering in Kragujevac. Dr. Kojic is a member of several academic organizations, including the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The focus of Dr. Kojic's research includes computational methods and software development. He has conducted pioneering work in modern numerical methods and engineering software development in Serbia, while mentoring a significant number of Ph.D. students and researchers. The result of this effort is a general-purpose finite element program PAK for solids, fluids, mass and heat transfer, biomechanics, and coupled problems; and a large group of researchers who are part of a "Serbian School" in computational mechanics.

Dr. Kojic is the first president of the Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics, Editor of the Journal of the Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics, and the founder of the R&D Center for Bioengineering, Kragujevac. His initial work in computer modeling primarily focused on solid mechanics and is summarized in the textbook: M. Kojic and K. J. Bathe: Inelastic Analysis of Solids and Structures, Springer, 2005. His more recent research has focused on modeling of bioengineering problems, and the results are summarized in the textbook: M. Kojic, N. Filipovic, B. Stojanovic, N. Kojic: Computer Modeling in Bioengineering- Theoretical BackgroundExamples and Software, J. Wiley and Sons, 2008.


Area of Interest

1) Computational methods
2) Coupling imaging
3) Computer simulations

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