Shankaracharya S


Dr Shankaracharya is a researcher and a well-published author in the various domains of Bioinformatics ranging from molecular modeling to next generation sequencing analysis. He has done his PhD on "Development of an intelligent system for early detection of diabetes risk in Indian population and evaluation of its performance". He is a trained Biotechnologist and a Bioinformatician with very vast experience. He has been involved in developing Bioinformatics Database, Applications and Softwares. Dr. Shankar is currently involved with the development of applications and pipelines for Next Generation Sequence data analysis of whole genome and whole exome DNA sequences of various cancer datasets. He is also involved in developing bioinformatics applications for disease risk prediction modeling for various diseases using classification and regression based machine-learning techniques. At present, he is pursuing Post Doctoral research at The Epidemiology Department, The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas.


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