Associate Clinical Professor


American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Distinguished Service Award Committee member January 2007-2008 California Society of Anesthesiologists, Alternative Delegate, 2005- 2011 California Society of Anesthesiologists, Delegate, 2012- present CSA Credentialing Committee member May 2009 International Anesthesia Research society Biophysical society 2009- Present American Heart Association 2010-present


Area of Interest

IV Acetaminophen, Multicenter study, Co-investigator, Study Aborted

Methylnaltrexone study, Multicenter study, Co-investigator, (Completed)

Vasospasm, A new treatment, in association with department of Neurosurgery

(Study Aborted)

Superior Cervical Ganglion Anatomy, a new approach to SCG Block, in association with

Department of anatomy Dr. Jonathan Wisco. (Study completed)

Cardiac Post-condition in mouse Langendorff system, introduction of a new agent, in

association with division of Molecular Biology, Dr Mansoureh Eghbali.


Cardiac Post-condition in-vivo rat model with Intralipid in association with division of

Molecular Biology, Dr Mansoureh Eghbali (completed)

Study the mechanism of intralipid cardiac protection during reperfusion by measuring

activation of RISK pathway with Western blot test and looking at mPTP opening by

calcium retentoin capacity test (completed)

Effect of Intralipid in prevention and treatment of monocrotaline induced pulmonary

hypertension in an invivo rat model (Completed)

Cardiac protection of intralipid in late pregnant mice compare to non-pregnant mice in a

Langendorff system (Completed)

Local Anesthetic Toxicity and Intralipid rescue; Study the mechanism of Intralipid rescue

by using Fatty acid oxidation blocker, CVT-4325, in an in-vivo rat model (completed)

top publication

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