Suresh Valiyaveettil

Associate Professor


Dr Suresh Valiyaveettil received his Ph.d from Ph.D. from University of Victoria, Victoria, B. C., Canada in the 1992. His group at the National University of Singapore is interested in developing functional materials for various applications. Received Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2012. Silver: VS003 Potential Applications of Tomato and Apple Peels as Biosorbents for the Removal of Water Pollutants.


Area of Interest

1) Biomineralization & Biomaterials
2) Environmental pollution and remedies
3) Molecular materials for sensors and ion transport membranes
4) Molecular recognition and Supramolecular chemistry
5) Nanomaterials and Nanotoxicology
6) Surface active materials
7)Synthesis of small molecules and polymers
8) Water purification

top publication

1. Barik, S.; Valiyaveettil, S. Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Polyhydroxylated and Electropolymerizable Block Copolymers, Journal of Polymer Science Part A – Polymer Chemistry, 2014, 52, 2217-2227
2. Qureshi, Z. S.; DSouza, R.; Mallampati, R.; Valiyaveettil, S. Synthesis of Amine-Functionalized Block Copolymers for Nanopollutant Removal from Water, Journal of applied Polymer Science 2014, 131, 40943.
3. Mallampati, R.; Valiyaveettil, S.; Eggshell Membrane-Supported Recyclable Catalytic Noble Metal Nanoparticles for Organic Reactions, ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, 2014, 2, 855-859.
4. Dhandayuthapani, B.; Mallampati, R.; Sriramulu, D., Dsouza, R. F.; Valiyaveettil, S.; PVA/Gluten Hybrid Nanofibers for Removal of Nanoparticles from Water, ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, 2014, 2, 1014-1021.
5. Keerthi, A.; Sriramulu, D.; Liu, Y.; Timothy, C. T. Y.; Wang, Q.; Architectural influence of carbazole push-pull-pull dyes on dye sensitized solar cells, DYES AND PIGMENTS, 2013, 99, 787-797.
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18. Mallampati, R., Valiyaveettil, S. Simple and Efficient Biomimetic Synthesis of Mn3O4 Hierarchical Structures and Their Application in Water Treatment, J. Nanosci. Nanotech. 2012, 12, 618 – 622.
19. Miasojedovas, A ; Kazlauskas, K ; Armonaite, G ; Sivamurugan,V.; Valiyaveettil, S.; Grazulevicius, J. V.; Jursenas,S. Concentration effects on emission of bay-substituted perylene diimide derivatives in a polymer matrix, Dyes and Pigments, 2012, 92, 1285 – 1291.


1. Erudite Professorship (Oct. 2012) at School of Chemistry, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala from Kerala Government, India.
2. Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2012. Silver: VS003 Potential Applications of Tomato and Apple Peels as Biosorbents for the Removal of Water Pollutants, Dillon Chew and Yu Quan Poh, mentored by A/P Valiyaveettil, Suresh (Chemistry)
3. Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2011. GOLD: Project CH57 mentored by A/P Valiyaveettil,Suresh (Chemistry)
4. Outstanding Scientist Award 2008, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore.