Sanshui Xiao

Associate Professor


He was born in 1978 and obtained the Ph.D degree in nanophotonics at Zhejiang University (China) in 2004. In August 2004, I joined Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) as a post-doc researcher, and then the Technical University of Denmark, where he currently holds associate professor position at the department of photonics engineering. In 2007 he received a talent grant from the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences (FTP), and obtained the European Optics Prize 2008 from the European Optical Society. He has published more than 120 journal papers and conference proceedings, with a total citation of 1000 and h-index of 18.


Area of Interest

1) Plasmonics
2) Nanophotonics
3) Metamaterial
4) Photonic crystal
5) Graphene
6) Nanofabrication
7) Numerical modelling

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