Farida Selim

Assistant Professor


Bowling Green State University, Assistant Professor, Physics, 2013- now 

     Washington State University, Research Assistant Professor, 2009-2013

     Washington State University, Postdoctoral Research Associate,  2006-2009

     Idaho Accelerator Center, Post doctoral Research Associate, Physics, 2001-2005

     Alexandria University, Research Faculty, Physics, 2000-2001

     Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Graduate Student Researcher,1996-1999

     Harvard University, Graduate Student Researcher, 1996-1999.


Area of Interest

1) Using positron annihilation spectroscopy, perturbed angular correlation and other advanced spectroscopy techniques to study condensed matter systems
2) Current research activities include study of diluted magnetic semiconductors for spintronics
3) Study of exciton dynamics in photonic materials
4) Study of wide band-gap semiconductors for optoelectronics
5) Physics of antimatter interactions and in flight positron-electron annihilation.

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