Beverley Pearson Murphy



Born (1929) and brought up in Toronto.  Married to Irish immigrant pathologist David Raymond Murphy 1958, and moved to Montreal.   Children : Madeleine;1960 Aug.30, Catherine;1963, July 11.


Degrees:                       B.A   l952 University of Toronto  ‑ Honour Science

                                    M.D.  l956 University of Toronto ‑ Medicine

                                    M.Sc. l960 McGill University       ‑ Experimental Medicine

                                    Ph.D. l964 McGill University       ‑ Investigative Medicine

Certifications:               l968  Medical Biochemistry, Quebec

                                    l970  Endocrinology, Quebec

Fellowships:   FACP  l977  American College of Physicians

                                    FRSC 1989  Royal Society of Canada



Area of Interest

My main areas of research have been in clinical chemistry and endocrinology, particularly steroid and thyroid hormones.A major interest has been the endocrinologic aspects of psychiatry.Thyroid disease and abnormalities of the Hypothamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis are very common in psychiatric patients, while almost all endocrine diseases have psychiatric manifestations.My current interest is the anaesthetic steroids (neurosteroids) which have been too long neglected but are beginning to spark some enthusiasm.

top publication

Patents held
l. Method for the determination of thyroxine, l966 (with Chauncey J. Pattee).
2. Use of estradienolone for the maintenance of pregnancy, l987 (with Anie Philip).
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