Stanley Schwartz

Associate Professor


Dr. Stanley Schwartz is an Affiliate of the Main Line Health System, and an Emeritus Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, currently in a private practice. Dr. Schwartz received his MD in 1973 , University of Chicago , completed his residency at the U. of Pa. followed by a fellowship in endocrinology at the University of Chicago. Dr. Schwartz actively lectures nationally, as well as internationally; this year Singapore and China. He has authored numerous and has been PI or co-investigator for clinical trials (DCCT-EDIC, LOOK AHEAD). Since leaving Penn, he received an R-01 from the NIH for Genes related to LADA, wrote several book chapters, and has had several article’s published (including Incretins in Hospital with DeFronzo). He co-authored the 2009/2010 AACE Diabetes Guidelines, and slide modules for AACE, 2011,2014 and 2014, and Diabetes in Control 2013-2014 and an invited speaker to AACE and ADA 2014. He is a member or fellow of many international, national, and local professional societies: Royal Society of Medicine (London), EASD, ADA. He’s in Best Doctors in America® from 1996 to 2014. Though he does some research and teaches a great deal, most of his time is spent caring for patients .


Area of Interest

Genes for LADA, Clinical Guidelines, Therapy T2DM

top publication

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