Abbas F. Jawad

Associate Professor


I have extensive experience in data coordinating centers and statistical analysis for numerous clinical studies. I have been providing biostatistical support for medical pediatric research for more than 20 years and have particular expertise in the methodology of repeated measures and longitudinal studies, measurement errors, effect of initial measurement on the estimation of treatment effect. I also have significant experience in collaborative biomedical research and in the development and evaluation of methods for the analysis of clinical trials. I served as a Co-PI on a study titled: ?Validation of the NIH stroke scale in Children?, the purpose of this project is to evaluate the reliability, validity and predictive utility of a pediatric adaptation of the NIH Stroke Scale. I also served as the Director of the Biostatistical and Bioinformatics Core for a longitudinal study titled ?Kinetic Analysis of Immunologic Repletion and Influenza Vaccine Responsiveness?, a comprehensive analysis of the immunologic response to killed trivalent influenza vaccine in different immuno-compromised populations in order to understand how to improve vaccine responses. Finally, I have extensive experience serving as a key investigator on clinical research studies involving Autism, ADHD, and psychosocial intervention development and evaluation.


Area of Interest

Medical pediatric

top publication

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