Stuart Smith

Assistant Professor


Stuart Smith graduated from the University of Birmingham (U.K) in 1993 completing a Bsc (hons) in Biochemistry. Then completed his PhD studying insulin gene transcription at Aberdeen University (U.K) in 1997. He subsequently undertook a post-­â€doctoral position studying the role of transcription factor Pax4 working with Michael S. German at the University of California, San Francisco; progressing through the positions of post graduate researcher, assistant research biochemist and currently holding the position of assistant Professor study the transcription factor Rfx6.


Area of Interest

Dr. Stuart Smith’s work focuses on genes that are important for the

development and maintenance of pancreatic cell types. If we can

understand how these genes function, we may ultimately be able to

generate new insulin producing cells for transplantation into diabetic

patients. The Rfx6 gene was recently identified and determined to be

important for insulin production in mice and humans.

top publication

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