Roger Saint-Fort

Chair & Associate Professor

Calgary, AB


Roger Saint-Fort, PhD, P. Ag., is an environmental chemist whose research activities focus on soil remediation, water quality, landfill technology and sites reclamation. Dr. Saint-Fort has authored numerous technical and scientific publications. Dr. Saint-Fort’s primary research activities and experience encompass vadose and groundwater investigation, soil remediation, water quality and development of cost-effective safe drinking water systems. Current research activities encompass chemically innovative approach for remediating DNAPL contaminated groundwater and application of electro-coagulation and nano bubble technology to reclaim flow back from hydraulic fracturing as well as other wastewater streams from the Oil and Gas industry and rural sewage lagoon. Dr. Saint-Fort has been the recipient of several grants from industry and government.


Area of Interest

Dr. Saint-Fort has also been working on prototyping, developing and implementing practical innovative, cost effective and lasting water filtration systems in order to bring sustainable safe drinking water to rural areas around the world. 

top publication

1. Saint-Fort, R. and Sahar Ashtani. Effect of a water-based drilling waste on receiving soil properties and plants growth. J. of Environ. Sc. & Health Part A (2014) 49: 10-17
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