Guo-Ping Sheng



Dr. Sheng obtained his Ph.D degree in 2006 from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). After that he went to the Tohoku University, Japan and the University of Hongkong for short-term research. Now he is a professor in environmental engineering at Department of Chemistry, USTC. Dr. Sheng’ research is focused on biological wastewater treatment and resource recovery. He was awarded AEESP Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award (honorable mentioned). Due to his excellent research works, he was funded by Excellent Young Scientist Foundation of National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and was be supported by the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (Ministry of Education, China). Since 2010, he was published more than 40 papers in international journals including Environmental Science & Technology and Water Research.


Area of Interest

Biological wastewater treatment

Microbial surface characteristics analysis

Microbial fuel cell

top publication

(1) Zhang HL, Fang W, Wang YP, Sheng GP*, Zeng RJ, Li WW, Yu HQ. Phosphorus Removal in an Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process: Roles of Extracellular Polymeric Substances. Environmental Science & Technology. 2013, 47(20), 11482-11489.
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(4) Liu L, Li WW, Sheng GP,* Liu ZF, Zeng RJ, Liu JX, Yu HQ, Lee DJ*. Micro-scale hydrodynamic analysis of aerobic granules in the mass transfer process. Environmental Science & Technology, 2010, 44(19), 7555-7560.
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(7) Zang GL, Sheng GP*, Tong ZH, Liu XW, Teng SX, Li WW, Yu HQ*. Direct electricity recovery from Canna indica by an air-cathode microbial fuel cell inoculated with rumen microorganisms. Environment Science & Technology. 2010, 44(7), 2715-2720.
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