Kuo-Kau Lee



Dr. Kuo-Kau Lee has done Ph.D. (1990), Medical Microbiology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Professor in the Department of Aquaculture, NTOU, 1996~ Chairman of the Department, 1998~2003 Dean of Academic Affairs of NTOU, 2006~2012 Taiwan Regional Official of the Eur. Ass. Fish Pathologists, 1998~ Editor-in-chief of J. Mari. Sci. Technol., 2002~2005 Editor-in-chief of Brit. Biotechnol. J., 2013~ Academic Editor of J. Adv. Biol. Biotechnol., 2014~ Editorial Member of Int. J. Aquacult. Fish. Sci., 2015~


Area of Interest

1) Fish and shellfish pathology and immunology

2) Microbiology and biotechnology

3) Aquaculture and Fishery Sciences

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