Jeonghwan Park

Assistant professor


Dr.Jeonghwan Park had spent 10 years in the “Freshwater Fish Farming Research Station” of Pukyong National University located in Busan, South Korea. From 2008 to 2012, I worked as a research scholar in theaquaculture and engineering fields North Carolina State University. I collaborated with many researchers and farmers on an effluent management study for hybrid striped bass ponds and for wintering it in tank-based culture systems. As a head designer, I also participated inengineering projectsto build far inland tank-based commercial fish farms for freshwater culture of southern flounder andsturgeon culture systems for caviar and meat production.Since 2012, Ihave joined the Aquaculture/Fisheries Department at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff as an assistant professor of aquacultural engineering, working on engineering designsto refine split-pond systems for catfish, baitfish and other species.


Area of Interest

Aquaculture and aquacultural engineering with focus on recirculating aquaculture systems, advanced pond culture systems, water quality management, and aquaculture waste treatment for seawater and freshwater fishes.

top publication

1. Park, J., N. Renukdas, T. Luna, and L. A. Roy. (Submitted). Maximum yield approximation and size distribution patterns of stocker size largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides reared in a semi-closed indoor system.

2. Park, J., P.K. Kim, T.L. Lim, and H. V. Daniels. (Accepted). Effects of two different ozone doses on total residual oxidants, nitrogen compounds and nitrification rate in seawater recirculating systems for Black Sea Bream Acanthopagrus schlegeli (Bleeker). Aquacultural Engineering.

3. Park, J., N. Renukdas, T. Luna, and L. A. Roy. (In publication). The Effects of Stocking Density on Size Variability and Growth Performance of Juvenile Largemouth Bass, Micropterus salmoides in a Recirculating System. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.

4. Park, J., D. Heikes, M. Recsetar, and L. A. Roy. 2014. Performance Evaluation and Engineering Considerations for a Modular- and Culvert-based Paddlewheel Water Circulator for Splitpond Systems. Aquacultural Engineering. 61:1-8.

5.Park, J., H. V. Daniels, and S. H. Cho. 2013. Nitrite Toxicity and Methemoglobin Changes in Southern Flounder, Paralichthys lethostigma, in Brackish Water. Journal of World Aquaculture Society 44: 726-734.

6. Park, J., P.K. Kim, T.L. Lim, and H. V. Daniels.2013. Ozonation in Seawater Recirculating Systems for Black Sea Brean Acanthopagrus schlegeli (Bleeker): Effects on Solids, Bacteria, Water Clarity, and Color. Aquacultural Engineering 55:1-8.

7. Park, J., Y. Kim, P. K. Kim, and H. V. Daniels. 2011. Effects of two different ozone doses on seawater recirculating systems for black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegelii (Bleeker): Removal of solids and bacteria by foam fractionation. Aquacultural Engineering 44:19-24

1)Named to Marquis Who\\\'s Who in the World, 2010, 2011, 2012
2) Academic Excellence Fellowship Award, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001
3)Korean Aquaculture Development Foundation Fellowship Award, 1990-1992 / 1995-1999
4)Outstanding Freshman Fellowship Award, 1990.