Scott Howell

International Director

Tudor Bompa Institute


Scott Howell is a researcher involved in the medical, health, and exercise sciences for over 20 years. He obtained his PhD of exercise physiology from Atlantic International University and currently studies at BMU School of Medicine and Trident University International. His interests include adverse effects of performance enhancing drugs, toxicology, cardiovascular disease, obesity, aging populations, and use of the allostasis model in periodization of physical training. He has worked on two major NIH and DoD funded studies at Wake Forest University: Strength Training for Arthritis Trial (START) and The Runners and Injury Longitudinal Study (TRAILS).


Area of Interest

His current research is a case-control study of cardiovascular related morbidity and mortality associated with anabolic –androgenic steroids using the National Inpatient Sample. He is a recipient of the prestigiousAPU Academic Scholar Achievement Award (2016) and continually strives for scholarly excellence in the health sciences.

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