NIssaf Daouahi

Assistant Professor


Dr. Nissaf Daouahi completed her Degree of implantology (ATIP; Nobel Biocare implants) and working as Assistant Professor in department of fixed prosthodontics; Faculty of Dentistry, Tunisia. She earned Degree of specialist on fixed prosthodontics. Also serves as reviewer for many other journals.


Area of Interest

aesthetics; ceramics; fixed prosthodontics; implantology

top publication

1- Gingival harmony in anterior aesthetic restorations D. Hadyaoui,Nisaf. Daouahi, Z. Nouira, M. Chérif. Dentistry Journal 2014; 2:15562
2- Ceramic Veneers: A suitable option for treating dental fluorosis D. Hadyaoui, Nissaf. Daouahi,Z. Nouira,I. Gasmi,J. Saafi,B. Harzallah, M. Chérif International Journal of Dental Clinics 2014; 6 (4)
3- Zirconia based resin bonded fixed partial denture: future outlook. Nissaf. Daouahi, D. Hadyaoui, B. Harzallah, M. Chérif IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS) 2014;13(11)
4- Restoring eroded incisors with all ceramic crowns: A clinical report . Nissaf Daouahi ; Dalenda Hadyaoui ; Hayet Hajjemi ; Jilani Saafi ; Hassen Harzallah ; Mounir cherif . African Journal of Dentistry and implantology No 4/2014
5- CAD/CAM development: to enhance fixed restoration success (a review). Nissaf Daouahi; Dalenda Hadyaoui; Soumaya Touzi; Jilani Saafi; Belhassen Harzallah; Mounir Chérif. Tunisian dental journal 2014; 4(2)
6- Esthetic Rehabilitation with Zirconia Based Crowns Nissaf Daouahi, Dalenda Hadyaoui, Jilani Saafi and Mounir cherif.International Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Case Reports 2O15; 3(3)
7- Indirect Ceramic Bonded Restorations for vital posterior teeth: A clinical report; Nissaf Daouahi, Dalenda Hadyaoui ; Zohra Nouira ;Jilani Saafi ; ,Hassen Harzallah ; Mounir cherif. Journal of dentistry and oral care 2015
8- Metal free aesthetic rehabilitation of devitalized incisors. Daouahi Nissaf, Dalenda Hadyaoui, Mounir Cherif. Journal of dentistry and oral care2015
9- Succeed an all ceramic crown on a single central incisor: guidelines for fellow. Amani Adli, Moncef Omezzine,Mohamed Chbil, Nissaf Daouahi, Jilani saafi, Hassen Harzallah, Mounir Cherif. Tunisian Dental news 2O14, Volume 4, N1
10- Le système CEREC d’hier à aujourdh’ui. Dalenda Hadyaoui, Marwa chakroun, Nissaf Daouahi, Jilani Saafi, Mounir Cherif. Revue Nationale de la Santé.