Sandra S. Hatch

Professor, Vice Chair

Texas, USA


Dr. Sandra Hatch (Sunny) is a tenured professor and Vice Chairman of Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas Medical Center in Galveston, Texas. Her practice is focused on gynecologic and breast malignancies. She is an established educator and serves as the Department’s  Residency Program Director. In addition she is the Clinic Director for the five practice locations for the department’s operations. She holds two endowments. She is the Irma Labardini Mendoza and Jesse Jesus Mendoza Distinguished Chair in Breast and Gynecologic Malignancies established for her by a grateful patient. She also holds the Ruth Levy Kempner Professorship in Breast Cancer established in response to her leadership in breast cancer patient centered care. Dr. Hatch received her medical training at the University of Texas at the Health Science Center at Houston, Texas, followed by a Transitional Internship at the Central Texas Medical Foundation in Austin, Texas. Residency in Radiation Oncology was achieved at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas


Area of Interest

The role of inflammation, hypermethylation, and mutation in endometrial cancer development The UNC-45 Molecular Chaperone as a Biomarker and Therapeutic Target In Breast Cancer 2-Methoxyestradiol, an endogenous estrogen metabolite, and its role as radiosensitizer in the radioresistant breast cancer cell line MCF-7/FIR thorough multiple mechanisms Molecular Profile of LCIS, Lobular Cancer and Pleomorphic Cancer Cancer Cachexia in Cervical Cancer Patients; Nutrition and Anabolic Interventions in Cancer Cachexia Gynecologic Malignancy and Treatment Outcomes in the Senior Oncology Patient.

top publication


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