Michelle Anne Lawson

Research Associate


I am a co-principal investigator on a Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research (LLR) Specialist Programme Grant. The grant focuses on improving the treatment of myeloma bone disease and developing therapeutic targets to chemo-resistant cancer cells in preclinical models of myeloma, with the eventual aim of translating this work into clinical trials. My current position involves leading a programme of work and supervising other members (post-doctoral researchers, technicians and postgraduate students) of the Sheffield Myeloma Research Team (SMRT); and the supervision of all in vivo studies performed under the Home Office Project Licence 40/3462 of which I am the Deputy Licence holder. I also provide specialist technical support in multiphoton microscopy for analysing bone tissues to staff and students. I frequently teach, lecture and assess the work of postgraduate students in the Medical School. In addition, I prepare papers for journals, present scientific findings orally to departmental members and at international conferences. I write grant applications and supporting documents to contribute to the work of the SMRT. I continuously read academic papers, journals and textbooks and attend conferences to keep abreast of developments in the fields of multiple myeloma and bone biology.


Area of Interest

My main research interests are multiple myeloma and associated bone disease, tumour cell dormancy, tumour cell interaction with the bone microenvironment and the development of in vivo models of bone cancer.

top publication

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