Akulinichev Sergey Vsevolodovich

Professor, Head


Was born in the family of high school professor (1951). Got education at the secondary school with extended foreign languages program (1968). Terminated the full course at Moscow state university (Physics department) with gold medal (1974). Terminated the post-doc education at the Moscow state university (1977). Defended the PhD thesis at the Joint institute for nuclear research (Dubna, 1978). The thesis title: «Semi-microscopic description of nuclear reactions». Continued the researches in the field of nuclear physics at the Institute for nuclear research of RAS (INR, Moscow-Troitsk). Defended the Doctor thesis entitled « Nuclear effects in high energy production reactions» at INR (1997) . Started researches in the field of proton therapy, medical physics and nuclear medicine (1999). Became the project leader of the federal project «the Proton therapy complex of INR» (2000). This project got the Silver medal of National Exhibition Center (2003) and Gold medal of the Moscow international Forum «High Technologies of XXI century» (2013). Created and headed the Medical physics laboratory at INR (2004). Married, have two daughters.


Area of Interest

medical physics, nuclear medicine, proton therapy, hadron therapy, brachytherapy, nuclear physics.

top publication

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