Viroj Wiwanitkit



Viroj wiwanikit completed his masters in honours.He is the author with the 1st global ranker with the most number of international publications. He has published more than 1,500 publications in the international journal in science and medicine index such as Scopus, PubMed,Medline, ChemAbstract and ISI and he has more than 150 presentations in international congress (as Key note Speaker and Session Speaker) and he has published many textbooks in Thailand and International level (more than 30)


Area of Interest

Tropical medicine Laboratory science (biomedical) Nanoscience and nanotechnology Bioinformatics and medical engineering Family medicine, social medicine and public health

top publication

1) Invited reviewer of many regional and international medical and science journals
2) Invited speaker in many International Congress
3) Editor in chief of more than 10 international journals
4) Editorial board of more than 60 international journals
5) The world scientist with the most numbers of international publications as the first author
6) Invited lecturer for many universities in Thailand and other countries
7) The author with the 1st global rank with the most number of international publication as the first author