Stefan Karlsson



Stefan Karlsson is Professor of Molecular Medicine and Consultant Physician at Lund University Hospital, where he has been based since 1995. Dr. Karlsson’s research is focused on understanding the regulatory pathways involved in haemopoietic stem cell (HSC) expansion and the application of HSCs to development of cell and gene therapies to treat the genetic disorders Gaucher disease and Diamond Blackfan anemia. Professor Karlsson completed his MD degree at The University of Iceland and received his PhD at University College London. Professor Karlsson is active on several Scientific Review Boards, and is or has been an Editorial Board member for numerous journals in the field of haematology, including Blood, Stem Cells, European Journal of Haematology, International Journal of Hematology and Experimental Hematology. In 2009, Professor Karlsson was awarded The Tobias Prize by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.


Area of Interest

1) Hemopoietic stem cell
2) Blood Stem Cells
3) Gene therapy

top publication

1) 1983 - Fogarty Award
2) 1994 - Elected member of The American Socieety for Clinical Investigation(ASCI)
3) 1997 - Elected member of The Royal Physiographical Society in Lund
4) 2005-2006 - President, International Society for Experimental Hematology(ISEH)
5) 2009 -The Tobias Prize awarded by The Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences