Shao An Xue

Associate Professor


Dr Shao-An Xue has been in the field of viral oncology and cancer immunotherapy for 20 years, and has successfully developed a new strategy for cancer immunotherapy based on T cell receptor (TCR) gene transfer. He has been able to demonstrate that T cells transduced with a TCR specific for the Wilm’s tumor antigen (WT1-TCR) can recognize their specific targets and selectively kill leukemia progenitor cells, without damage to normal CD34+ cells. In vivo studies have shown that these TCR-engineered patient’s T cells can eliminate leukemia progenitor cells in situations where control T cells prove ineffective. He received George Brecher New Investigator Award from the International Society for Experimental Hematology (ISEH) in 2005.Apart from developing the leukemia specific WT1-TCR, Dr Xue has also developed many other tumor specific TCRs, including EBV-TCR, CMV-TCR and HBV-TCR, and all of these TCRs are in the first in man clinical trials now. Due to his contribution and influence in the field of TCR immunogene therapy of cancer, he has been invited as editorial board member on several international journals, including Journal of Immunotherapy applications, Science Journal of Clinical Medicine, Annals of Vaccines and Immunization, World Journal of Hematology and Journal of Hematological Malignancies. Dr Xue received his PhD degree in Viral Oncology from Imperial College London, United Kingdom, in 1999.


Area of Interest

1) Cancer Immunotherapy
2) Cellular immunology
3) Molecular biology

top publication

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