Dickran G. Kazandjian

Medical Officer


Dr. Kazandjian received his undergraduate BA degree in Biology with distinction from Boston University (Summa cum laude) where his research interest was in viral oncogenesis. He remained at Boston University to receive his Medical Doctorate at which time his research focused on breast cancer. He was then commissioned as an officer in the US Air Force medical corps and completed an Internal Medicine residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center. After residency, Dr. Kazandjian remained on faculty as an active duty physician, attending internist, assistant professor, and conducted HIV-malignancy research on the role normal human genetic variation plays on HIV pathogenesis. After six years of active duty including a stent in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as an intensivist, he continued his training at the NIH as a civilian and completed fellowships in Medical Oncology (NCI) and Hematology (NHLBI). His laboratory-based research involved understanding the role that long intergenic non-coding RNAs play in lung cancer. This was augmented by his clinical interest and patient care activities in lung cancer at the NCI clinic. The year following fellowship, he continued gaining oncology and clinical trial experience with the NCI multiple myeloma section.


Area of Interest

1) viral oncogenesis
2) breast cancer
3) HIV pathogenesis.

top publication

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