Bela Balint

Professor and Head


In 2005 Bela Balint was elected as a Full-Time Professor (Medical Faculty of MMA, Belgrade) of the Transfusion Medicine and Full-Time Professor of the Research (experimental hematology; University of Belgrade). He is visiting professor at Medical Faculties in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. In 2002. became associate member and in 2008. regular member of Academy of the Medical Sciences of Serbia. Prof Balint Introduced a new apheresis procedure: 1) Selective modification of plasma with original extra corporeal immune adsorption for ABO- incompatible kidney transplantation and 2) Multi-modal apheresis for the therapy of life-threatening conditions. Prof. Balint is the founder and president of National Apheresis Group in Serbia (2004). One of the founders of Center for stem cell transplantation at MMA (1987). Prof. Balint was chaired a session on stem cells of Congress of Transfusion Medicine (ISBT, Frankfurt, 1997) and it was a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Society for Hemapheresis and Interdisciplinary Medicine (ESFH, Prague, 2003). As a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences and President of the Association of Transfusion Medicine of Serbia, he organized two scientific conferences: “Hematological apheresis treatment” (2004) and “Stem cells – biology and therapeutic use” (2007). He was the scientific director of the conferencies: 4th International Symposium on Regenerative Medicine, Tissue and Genetic Engineering (Belgrade, 2011) 2nd International Congress – Regenerative Medicine, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnologies (Sarajevo, 2011), 5th International Symposium on Regenerative and Personalized Medicine (Belgrade, 2012), and Symposium – Stem cells, Regenerative Medicine and Biongineering (Belgrade, 2013). Prof Balint is editor of the following journals: \"Blood Banking Transfusion Medicine (Istanbul)\", “Serbian Archives of Medicine”, “Military Medical Review”, “Bulletin of Transfusiology” (Chief Editor), “Medical Review” (Podgorica), Inter J Clin Transf Med (The Nederlands) and Hematology, Blood Transfusiona and Disorders (NY, USA). The official reviewer of “The Lancet” journal (New York), \"Medical Science Monitor\" (New York) and World Journal of Pediatrics (Beijing). Published scientific and professional articles: Professor Balint published 812 scientific papers. Also, an author of 19 books/monographs (two published by Springer’ New York).


Area of Interest

1) Therapeutic apheresis
2) stem cells & biology
3) Harvesting
4) ex vivo manipulation
5) cryopreservation
6) transplantation and use regenerative medicine, blood component therapy.

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