Journal of Clinical Trials, Pathology and Case Studies

Editor In Cheif
Sangeeta Singg, PhD

Editor In Chief

About Journal

Clinical Trials and Case Studies journal is an open access, international, peer-reviewed journal that encompasses all aspects of clinical trials. The major sub types of clinical trials are included drug action, prevention, vaccine, screening, emerging, drug discovery and also diagnostic trials. clinical trials and case studies is dedicated for the publishing of articles. Its primary aim is related to medical research methodologies. CTCS also covers scientific areas of case studies in clinical trials, and pleased to invite author, editor and reviewer with a lofty knowledge to show off their work in these platform.

Clinical Trials & Case Studies follows the License and scholars open access publishing policies and the published articles can be accessed online with unique Digital Objective Identifier (DOI) provided by Cross Ref.

Editor-in-Chief’s philosophy
Clinical Trials and Case Studies (CTCS) welcomes all types of research ranging from literature review, case studies, surveys, direct observation, and clinical trials. As long as the researchers follow the ethical and scientific protocol of their discipline and present their findings honestly, objectively, and in an applied manner, their research is considered valuable and contributing. Also, good papers do not need to be written with long-winded accounts and complicated jargon. Dedicated researchers can share and convey their ideas and findings in a parsimonious, concise, and reader-friendly manner. All systematic enquiry (empirical or non-empirical, quantitative or qualitative) has contributory value. As such, the reviewers and editors are expected to be supportive of budding authors and should provide constructive criticism with specific suggestions to improve the submissions. All feedback about manuscript problems should be specific, respectful and suggestive. The bottom line for authors, reviewers, and editors is to help create a least restrictive collegial environment for the scholarly exchange of knowledge and to enjoy the process of dispensing the knowledge worldwide through peer-reviewed publications. As an open access on-line journal, CTCS facilitates an environment in which scholars from multiple disciplines can share their work. We welcome your participation and looking forward to receiving your submissions.

Aim & Scope

Clinical Trials & Case Studies is focussed on publishing manuscripts on various case studies and trials done by different clinical practitioners, researchers, scientists etc. It allows viewers to learn how interesting and challenging cases were assessed and recognized. It gives information about various trials such as double-blind clinical trial, unicenter clinical trial, parallel clinical trial, sequential clinical trial etc, experimented worldwide.




Clinical trials
Diabetic trials
Drug action
Drug delivery
Drug discovery
Emerging drugs
Drug design
Clinical research
Drug clinical trials
Vaccine trials
Prevention trials
Screening trials
Diagnostic trials
Treatment trials


Clinical trials, Diabetic trials, Drug action, Drug delivery, Drug discovery, Emerging drugs, Drug design, Clinical research, Drug clinical trials, Vaccine trials, Prevention trials, Screening trials, Diagnostic trials, Treatment trials